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How we can help you.

In the following areas, we feel confident to help small businesses to master their challenges.

How to start a new software product?

There are many ways to build new apps. Which is the right one for your company? Which architecture to use, and which programming languages to choose from? We help you get orientation, define technical goals, and align them with your business.

We can help you to create a future-proof application that fits your budget and feels suitable for developers. We went through this process so many times; we made mistakes and had successes. So let us help you avoid mistakes and go straight to a successful app.

What is DevOps, and how do we get there?

To transform your ways of working, you need to re-think the fundamentals. DevOps is an essential team culture, which is the perfect basis for lean and agile software development. We remove barriers between development and Operations and cultivate the idea of Ownership and the motto "You build it; you run it."

How to go Cloud-Native?

Focus on development by removing operational overhead. Building applications in a Cloud-Native way means focusing on what matters. In addition, Cloud-Native provides excellently managed services to simplify your daily development life.

You can remove the necessity for dedicated IT-Opertions resources, which can be a game-changer for small companies. We help you with AWS when it's part of your requirements or Digital Ocean if you prefer cost efficiency and a smooth lift-off into the cloud.

Implementing CI/CD Pipelines

Automation is critical, and this isn't a secret these days. However, to stay focused on development, you need pipelines that take care of the building, testing, auditing, and deployment after a developer pushes a change to the repository. Be confident to release a new version without worrying about the consequences whenever you need it.

Keeping up with modern web development

The wheel is turning faster and faster these days. Keeping up is becoming harder every year. We help you to implement Continuous Learning as a team culture and help to cultivate the right mindsets throughout the team. All this will result in new skills your employees will acquire, adding to your value stream. With this culture lived, you will keep it with ease. "Don't be afraid to develop your developers."

Migrate Legacy application

You already have a mission-critical application, but you do feel it's a Legacy-Deadend? Do your developers avoid working on the application while clients are getting unhappy?

We help you to migrate your Legacy application in baby steps out of this dead-end situation. Every new feature will substitute an old one and be developed the Cloud-Native way.

With this approach, you remove stress and can migrate at your own pace without the risk of severe problems by changing too much in your old Legacy app. Listen carefully to your developers and your clients. There's most likely a truth to it.

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